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Pallet Truck

To convey the Bricks with Wooden Pallets
Capacity 500 Kgs
System Hydraulic Lifting, Hand Pumping Manual Dragging
Wheels 3 Pneumatic
Technical Information
  • Piston is Hard Chrome
  • Wiper on Cylinder top
  • At a time, 4 workers can work
  • For removing of Ring, Facility of Hydraulic Stand is available
  • It can also Manufacture Chequered Tiles, Elevation Wall Tiles, Cable Tiles
  • Paver made will have shining smooth finish
  • Pavers mfgd. from our Paver Machine are fitted in Petrol (Fuel) Pump, Railway Plateform, Air Port, Swimming Pool, Garden Resort, General Public Parking Place, Industrial Parking Place, Railway Crossing & Container Yard
  • Paver Machine facilitate Mfg. of Paver pc. in two colours : bottom in grey cement material and top pc. (thickness 10 mm) as required/selected by customer. This help cost efficiency of paver

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Pallet Truck

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