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Model No. CT/05

Cement Tiles Machine
Construction  Main Body Fabricated from Steel Control Shaft is moving on Ball Bearings and thrust Bearings provided on the same Motion to the disc is given through Helical Bevel Gears of Alloy Steel
Resurfacing Arrangement  Attachment is Provided in the Machine to resurface the disc which operates automatically through Super Gear Train
Capacity  In Terms of Nos. of Tiles Size : 25 cm x 25 cm at a time For Grinding 28 Tiles at a time
Plate / Disc Size  200 cm x 200 cm
Power Consumption  5 H.P. 1440 RPM
Machine Speed  100 to 110 RPM
Machine Size  200 cm x 142 cm x 142 cm

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Model No. CT/05
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Model No. CT/05

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